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Chelated Rakshamin Advantage

Chelated with amino acid, provides all essential fertility enhancing nutrients.

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Multi gluconeogenic precursors with vitamins and minerals, boost up the animal against Negative Energy Balance.

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Epiboost Liver Tonic

A well balanced liver tonic formulation of scientifically researched herbs, Improves the liver function and promotes appetite and growth.

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Rakshamin F

Specialized and critical nutrients for maintaining reproductive health, helps in early onset of estrus.



Eyes - Clean, bright and discharge free, Ear - Focused


Normal 10 to 30 breaths a minute, Faster breathing indicates heat stress or pain and fever


It must be pliable, silky in texture and sack-like in nature, The teats should be even, medium sized and centrally placed on each quarter of the udder


Healthy cows stand straight and still while eating, Tipping or walking with lame gait are signs of poor hoof health, from bad rations, poor floors or lack of hoof treatment

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    1 November 2015

    Medical News

    Animals need a variety of nutrients to meet their basic needs.

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    11 August 2015

    Medical News

    Metabolic diseases are important and encompass a large range of interacting conditions. LDA, ketosis, SARA and milk fever are all metabolic disease and can be controlled primarily by feeding a suitable diet and managing the cows’ rumen to cope adequately with the diet.

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    1 June 2015

    Medical News

    Worms present a significant production threat to grazing cattle with infection costing the industry millions of pounds a year. Worms are parasites that feed off of your cows' bodies, draining nutrients out of your animals.

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    25 July 2015

    Medical News

    It is a true balancing act to provide proper nutrition to high producing dairy cattle while also keeping their digestive systems healthy. Dairy cattle can experience stress at freshening, during environmental changes, with changes in grouping, and when rations change.

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    20 June 2015

    Medical News

    Animal pain: “Animal pain is an aversive, sensory experience representing awareness by the animal of damage or threats to the integrity of its tissues

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  • Antiallergic

    12 June 2015

    Medical News

    The term allergy or hypersensitivity describes a complex group of immunological reactions which are characterized by heightened responsiveness to antigen to which the animal has been previously exposed.

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  • Antibiotic

    9 May 2015

    Medical News

    Antibiotics for any purpose in the husbandry of livestock, which includes not only the treatment or prophylaxis of infection but also the use of subtherapeutic doses in animal feed to promote growth and improve feed efficiency in contemporary intensive animal farming.

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