About Us

Aidwell Univet Pvt Ltd, is not just bieng a company that drives its path for making products for animals, we believe in developing a culture, a society where every domestic and dairly cattle lives a healthy life, Our motto is to simply do good for animals and be sincere for it, Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Animal pharmaceutical industry and to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

We are not since years in this industry but we are very sincere on animal health

Company Highlights

Aidwell Univet Pvt Ltd products are promising in nature, they are standard and best grade products in the industry

At Aidwell, from single step to supply-chain and to the end customer, we tend to bring and unify every element of the process so that we remain as apart of progressive environment

At Aidwell, we believe in constant Growth, and to gain our mission, we understand the information collected from our users plus direct vendors, and through that we understand the nature of industries requirement and also, how we can help to embrace the rural environment.

Aidwell, believes in keeping every element of the business as part of its own-self, and thus, we celebrate and work on social welfare activities, to enlarge the scope of unanimity and joyousness.

Recent Survey

We registered - 8% static growth in antiallergic medicine for dairy cattle's.
We registered - 25% Dynamic growth in Nutrition product for Dairy cattle's.

Aidwell Univet Pvt Ltd for Animal Health care.

Protecting and serving to animal health, is the true nature of company's vision

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